The Project

An Architectural Landmark

Morocco Mall is an innovative project located alongside the Casablanca waterfront. World renown retail Architect Davide Padoa of Design International has used the natural form of a sea-shell to create a unique landmark building, with a highly contemporary and yet natural shape. The result of this design is a 628 meter long building envelope, clad in light fabric and glass, which ultimately seems moulded by the strength of the wind, sand and water.Design International has done everything possible to enhance the costumer experience, from the introduction of the first VIP luxury brands mall, complemented by more then 200 shops and 30 restaurants, to the planning of a 400 seats Imax theatre and a spectacular amusement and leisure park in the open area, with activities of the likes of a large man-made lake, a beach-club, games and restaurants immersed in strikingly contemporary landscape lines.The building has been designed with the latest state of the art concepts in modern retailing. Curved interior malls, characterized by plenty of natural light, will encourage the customers to discover the building with fun, curiosity and amusement. Three major internal plazas will offer fashion shows, concerts, cabaret, a huge 1 million litre water aquarium with sharks and, above all, fine dining with a spectacular view over the Atlantic Ocean. All of this will create an emotional experience that ultimately will contribute to make of Morocco’ Mall a destination with a sense of place and, why not, one of the new architectural landmarks of Morocco, as well as a point of reference for modern retailing in North Africa.

Morocco Mall Entrance View - Artist Impression


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