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Design International is based around the principle that it is the only boutique-style retail design firm that operates on a truly global scale. The group is very much about retail added value and its success is based on the ability to make it work for the long term. Design International (DI) is an Architectural Firm founded in 1972. DI, with its main office in London and other offices in Milan, Toronto, Cairo, Jakarta and Mumbai, is internationally recognized for projects realized in more then 60 countries in five continents. Design International creates spaces and architectures for people who meet in an environment that inspires them to shop and amuse themselves. Davide Padoa is the Chief Executive Officer of the group, which counts a staff in excess of 200 among talented architects, leasing agents, lighting, landscape, product designers and graphic specialists. Each project has a dedicated creative team, which includes a project leader under the direct supervision of a Design International Partner. The project site coordination of the Morocco’ Mall is lead by Miguel Fernandes and Catia Zizzi, in close cooperation with a rich staff of professionals based in London: Kollin Akbar (architecture Mall), Kuncara Wicaksana and Luz Stella Pabon (architecture Galleries Lafayette), Louise Loo (interior), Neil Skinner (lighting), Antony Nelson (landscape) and, ultimately, Davide Padoa.


Davide is the Chief Executive of the Design International Group. Davide is actively involved in the design of major international projects across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Milan, Davide has finalised his architectural studies in the California University of Pomona in Los Angeles. He worked in Indonesia and Singapore for four years, before he moved to lead the architectural design of Design International in London in 1998.  With many mentioned and published retail and leisure projects, Davide has directed architecture designs ranging from master planning to high-rise buildings. With a vivid interest for innovation and experimentation, Davide has expanded the creative brand of Design International.

A forward-looking design visionary, Architect Davide Padoa, Chief Executive Officer of London-based Design International (DI), while still in his early 30’s became one of Europe’s youngest CEO heading a major international calibre design firm.In its quest for a design concept that would challenge perceptions of what is expected of a retail and entertainment facility and usher in a new vision of the future of retail and entertainment in North Africa, Al Amine wanted a firm that was capable of creating an architectural Icon that would become synonymous with Morocco’s identity.After a long and arduous process Al Amine finally settled on Design International, a firm that has in its recent past and present, won and continues to gain the admiration of many prestigious converts despite challenging economic times where many projects are either being cancelled or placed on indefinite hold.

The result is that Design International has delivered Morocco Mall – a Shopping & Entertainment venue without peers in Morocco; one which has joined DI’s growing list of award-winning design masterpieces.The Company’s innovative design of the Morocco Mall saw it win the coveted and prestigious CNBC Arabian Award last year. Morocco Mall was awarded five stars in the commercial category, considered one of the most prestigious recognitions in the real estate industry.Morocco Mall, located in Casablanca, is due to open in September 2011 and is anchored by Galleries Lafayette (the retailer’s first store in North Africa) and by the luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi, among others. The scheme features an IMAX cinema and the largest aquarium in a shopping mall in the northern hemisphere, making it a landmark destination for the entire Country.

Rounding out the list of its growing portfolio are such projects as Zagreb’s Arena Centar, which opened in November 2010, the Zagreb East InterIkea scheme, a very large regional mall development which is due to open in 2013 and the Cleopatra Mall, which is located in Cairo due to be completed end-2012. Design International’s role in this development extends beyond that of Masterplanner and Design Architect, DI is the lead international Leasing firm, responsible for bringing into Egypt some of the most prestigious luxury brands who are used to having their name attached to the best addresses in global retail destinations. DI is also working on the Centro Sicilia in Italy, due to open in June 2011. Design International whose London, Milan and Jakarta offices has seen a major expansion in the last 2 years, and whose North Africa presence has grown in both significance and value over the years, plans further expansion into the African Region, with Morocco Mall being the first of many new project approaching completion. The Company is also present in Mumbai, Cairo and Toronto.

Design International
20-22 Stukeley Street
Covent Garden
London WC2B 5LR
United Kingdom
Tel:  +44 (0) 20 7092 2700
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7092 2799


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