The Concept

Innovation through fusion of interior and exterior spaces

With the customers experience in mind, the architect – Design International – has designed the shopping centre in a way that the malls reveal themselves a bit at the time, as the public walks along a continuous curved mall layout, which is characterized by plenty of natural light and transparency between the interior environment and the exterior landscaping and open-air activities. The interior environment is brought outside: the interior galleries have five main areas between plazas and malls, each characterized by a specific feature, such as the Imax theatre, a VIP mall, a sequence of themed restaurants with terraces, fashion and a children dedicated area with one of the largest single tank aquarium in Europe and Africa. Each of these areas relates to an exterior landscaped garden with a spectacular set of views over the ocean, where the public will be free to walk and extend their stay and their experiences. Design International is also the Landscape Architect of the 3 hectares open ocean-front area of Morocco’ Mall. Similarly, the exterior space is brought inside, through the extensive use of natural materials, trees, water and gardens, all immersed in a space flooded with natural light. The building has been designed to respond intelligently to the environment, with the possibility to open and close access to external terraces, control natural and artificial lighting and ventilation as necessary. The same level of innovation has been thought to enhance the public experience, with the design of a central triangular court that can be transformed in a fashion-show or in a concert arena in less then 5 minutes.

Main Mall with Aquarium - Artist Impression


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