The People

A Project Made for People

Morocco’ Mall is a project made for people. With the ambition to become a new jewel and destination not only for Casablanca but also the pride of Morocco, the project aims at being a point of reference for modern retailing in the Country, where people meet and a new type of integrated retail and leisure experience happens. With more then 200 shops and 30 restaurants, a state of the art wellness centre, an ice rink, a grocery store, an aquarium, a 350 seats Imax theatre and a spectacular amusement and leisure park in the open area, Morocco’ Mall is set to become a point of reference for the region. Located in the west end city border of Casablanca along the waterfront, the project has a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to such a prime location and to the constant dialogue with the Casablanca Council Authorities, the project has been thought as the natural extension of the main waterfront promenade of Casablanca throughout the maximization of the project pedestrian accessibility and transparency, in the best public interest.

Above the breathtaking Aquarium - Artist Impression



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